DC 100V 20A Dual Digital Gauge

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Min. supply voltage: + 3.5V
Max. supply voltage: + 30V
Working temperature: -10 ~ + 65?

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Power meter: Two line socket
Thin – Black Line: Header supply Negative
Thin – Red line: Header supply positive
(Note: voltage between red and black lines can’t exceed 30V)

Test side: Three line socket
COM: Test Common
V +: Test positive voltage input
A +: Test “positive” current input; check the drawing before install or it will burn. Because the header by co-design, which means the earth wire of test and power supply is interlinked,so only can be connected to between the negative power supply and the negative of the tested device
(We recommend to link the yellow line and the black lines together, to prevent outside interference caused by digital ammeter flashing)

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Voltage Measuring Range: 0.00-99.9V
Voltage Resolution: 0.01V(Below 10V) 0.1V(10V-100V)
Impedance: >100K
Current Measuring Range: 0.00-9.99-20.0
Current Resolution: 0.01A(Below 10A) 0.1A(Above 10A)
Supply voltage (non-isolated meter): DC 3.5 ~ 30V (wide range)
Note: The maximum input voltage can not exceed 30V, otherwise it will be burned
Isolation meter (isolated power supply meter): DC8-18V
Operating Current: <20mA
Display: 0.39 “LED, voltage – red, Current – Green
Measurement rate: =500mS / times
Accuracy: 1% (± 1 word)

Installation hole: 68×38 mm
Size: 70x40x30mm

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